Best-known for its eclectic vintage shops to scour through and its grimy live music venues, Shimokitazawa can also add another component to its cool factor: curry.

With over 40 participating stores around the area, the festival is in full motion now, and you have until Sunday to grab a few spoonfuls of the spicy goodness. Cafes and shops around Shimokitazawa each take their own spin on the staple fare: from Mixture bakery’s curry wrapped in bread to Curry Shop Violet’s own version served with eggs, it’s a chance to sample curry in all its forms – from sweet Japanese home cooked style to something more authentically spiced…

Various curry-related events such as a Curry Man parade and a Miss Curry contest (we’re not sure who would be honoured to be crowned Miss Curry, but it’s a respectable title regardless) are taking place around the bohemian-vibed neighborhood, so if you happen to live around there or make regular treks to get snippets of all the food offered, by all means indulge on curry in all the ways you can possibly imagine.

There’s also a stamp rally involved – we are in Japan, after all – with all the curries you try and a race to find the Curry Man, so get there before he disappears.

Shimokitazawa Curry Festival (official website here with detailed events, Japanese only)

When: Oct. 15-21

Where: around Shimokitazawa (see area map)

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