Shibuichi Bakery, which opened October 5 in Shibuya, is run by a restaurant management company whose knowledge and experience makes Shibuichi unique among Tokyo’s bakeries.

For one, Shibuichi uses only the finest ingredients. Organic and naturally-grown Japanese wheat is used for shop’s specialties, white breads and baguettes, while rich French butter and Maldon sea salt flavor its croissants.

Meanwhile, experienced staff members from the group’s restaurants prepare fillings for the cooked buns every morning. The bakery’s line-up includes buns willed with Amatriciana sauce, burgers made with Rigoletto’s original deep-fried minced meat, and more. What’s more, all the items on offer are additive-free.

Drinks include French organic juices, English organic liqueurs and a café au lait from Zao in Miyagi. Shibuichi’s offerings are available to-go, or can be eaten at the inviting space in front of the shop.

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