Have a no-fuss, quiet Shibuya lunch break in the midst of books, magazines and seven floors of everything you’ve ever wanted.

Loft is practically everyone’s favourite shop: it contains every thing you could possibly imagine, want or don’t even know you need. Between the jingles playing on a loop, the colourful, eye-catching packages and rows and rows of stuff, being in Loft is a sensory overload experience for anyone. Thankfully, the Shibuya City Lounge cafe offers a surprisingly nice and peaceful break, in the newly revamped superstore.

Located on the second floor, the stylish space somehow appears out-of-context with its high ceilings and slanted windows, plush bright red chairs and walls covered with books and magazines. A refreshing change from many overcrowded lunch spots in Shibuya, the lounge not only offers a soothing, library-like atmosphere, but a set lunch menu with a fixed price of ¥1,000.

You can pick from generous portions of pasta, burgers, meat/fish or sandwich sets, all served with accompanying side dishes and a drink. We tried the daily sandwich, a hearty concoction filled with aubergine, red peppers, ham and mayonnaise. The usual drinks (coffee, tea, soft drinks) are available, but we particularly recommend the refreshing Apple Mint Soda.

The coffee bean quality is surprisingly good, and there’s a panoply of desserts such as cheesecake to choose from if you have a sweet tooth. The place offers free Wi-Fi – still sadly all too rare in Tokyo – and power outlets for your laptop, or you can go old-fashioned and pick up a thick art book or magazine from sectioned shelves.

This may become our go-to spot in Shibuya to escape a crowded lunch hour, and nothing beats emerging from the cafe to be greeted by a floor full of trinkets you suddenly decide you absolutely need.

Shibuya City Lounge (click for more info)

Loft Shibuya, 2F

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by Vivian Morelli