Earlier this month, the new era name was announced. Some were happy and others were dubious, but that doesn’t stop Reiwa from starting on May 1 after Emperor Akihito abdicates the throne. Companies of all sorts have jumped on the bandwagon to celebrate and honor the historic transition. Special radio and TV shows have been launched and Twitter Japan’s nostalgic but optimistic campaign has taken over Tokyoites’ commute. For those that love all things sweet and savory, the end of Heisei was an opportunity to create limited-edition foods.

Good to the Last Chip

In January, Japanese company Koikeya unveiled limited-edition Heisei-inspired potato chips. The product repackaged the most popular flavor, seaweed, in the era’s biggest newspaper headlines and with the slogan, “Thank you Heisei.” And to celebrate Reiwa, the Lawson chain of convenience stores announced a special new packaging to be sold exclusively at Lawson from May 1.


How Sweet It Is

You can bet your sweet bippy that confectioneries have released exclusive Heisei- and Reiwa-Era sweets. Head to Tokyo Station to find bakery Fairycake Fair’s gift set of 10 adorably decorated cupcakes with a special shoutout to the two eras.

If you’re looking to celebrate with something a little more accessible, why not grab some tiramisu on the way home? It is said to have been the most popular flavor in the dessert realm during Heisei.

The End of an Era

Arguably one of the most adorable collaborations this year is Glico’s popular Japanese snack Pocky and Kirin’s Afternoon Milk Tea. With a series of special packaging that tells the story of classmates over the years, reminisce of your own high school days with every bite and every sip. Together, the chocolate and coffee flavored snack and the cheese milk tea marry to create the fan-favorite tiramisu flavor.

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