For outstandingly fresh fish with a side of all-you-can-drink alcohol, look no further than Totoju Ginza Honten. A cozy washoku restaurant just a stone’s throw away from Ginza’s 4-chome crossing, Totoju offers an extensive selection of high-quality fare at very reasonable prices.

Stellar Sake Selection

The restaurant’s raison d’etre is to see their customers enjoy themselves while also preserving traditional Japanese dining culture. One aspect of that is offering meals with high-quality sake and shochu. Famed for its 2,800 yen (plus tax) all you can drink menu featuring over 50 types of sake, more than 30 shochu brands, a variety of beer, umeshu, and highball, they take their sake selection as seriously as their seafood. The free flow drink set is available from 4pm until last order every day, so you can take your time and taste as many different varieties as you like.

Showcase of Succulent Seafood

The menu includes information about the regions from which each delicacy is sourced, showcasing the best areas for each season. With fresh produce coming every day, they can choose the best item at the best time. On top of this, Totoju prepares dishes that pair well with sake, shochu, and beer, maximizing the flavor experience. The seven-piece seafood sashimi set changes according to what’s in season, but often features horse mackerel and squid sliced in a way to create the best texture and flavor with each bite.

Totoju buys whole tuna directly at the fish market — with no middleman — passing on some serious savings to their customers. One of their best tuna dishes is the maguro rare cutlet, a deliciously juicy sashimi-sliced piece of tuna, lightly battered and fried creating a dish that is soft and juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

The restaurant’s most popular dish, sake-steamed oysters, are gently simmered in their shells in nihonshu, offering a delectable and flavorful mouthful.

Late Lunch or Late Nights — It’s Your Choice

Though the free flow drink menu is only available from dinner time, Totoju’s reasonable lunch sets are great value for money. The restaurant has a generous lunchtime opening from 11am to 4pm, and each meal comes with free refills of rice and miso soup. Perfect for a late lunch after a shopping spree in Ginza.

If a boozy dinner and drinks isn’t your jam, Totoju also boasts a generous lunchtime period from 11am to 4pm and gives free refills of miso soup and rice with each meal. Stop by for a late lunch after a shopping spree in Ginza. If you’d rather have dinner later, the restaurant is open until 2am, making it a great place for a relaxing get-together or an after party.

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