Over the years, Samrat Tokyo has expanded from one restaurant to fifteen, growing into an empire of Indian cuisine. They may be one of the most recognizable In­dian restaurant chains in the city, and are just as re­nowned for their private get-togethers as they are for their menu (if you haven’t tried a Samrat curry, then you haven’t been in Tokyo very long!).

Satbhag S. Paul, president of Moti Indian restaurants, Rashmi Gupta, Sanjeev Gupta, Rajiv Monga, president of Asahi TM Inc.

And it’s no wonder. The founder and CEO of Sam­rat, Yog Kapoor, has show-business roots, directing movies in Bollywood before coming to Tokyo. When his good friend Mr. Ishwar Chugani’s son and beauti­ful wife Prerna were relocating to California, Chugani took the opportunity to throw a lavish goodbye party at Shinjuku Samrat. The cream of Tokyo’s Indian com­munity came out to say goodbye to the young family and wish them luck in their new position. They were seen off in true Bollywood style—and you’d expect nothing less from the owner of Samrat Tokyo.

Ishwar Chugani, Yog Kapoor, president and CEO of Samrat, Yoshiko Sarani, Ricky SaraniPadma Nanwani, Kamal Satbhag Paul, Rashmi Gupta, Jyoti Alagh, Rita Karr