by Zach Dose

Restaurants today seem to put more creativity in their name and ambiance than the food they present. Situated on the fifth floor West Walk in Roppongi Hills, diners have a great view of Tokyo Tower and its surrounding skyline. Roy’s offers plenty of smiles and memories of great food and service even after being in Tokyo for 13 years. Owner Chef Roy Yamaguchi saves the razzle-dazzle of Hawaiian fusion for your taste buds and appetite. Don’t get me wrong, the place is elegant, comfortable and the staff inviting—ready to celebrate any occasion, especially birthdays.

My wife and I recently dined at Roy’s on a busy  Saturday night. Our waiter, Ken, spoke excellent English, was personable, attentive to our needs, and very knowledgeable, taking the time to explain each dish in detail. By far one of the best waiters I have had anywhere for a long time.

Their wine list offers a descriptive selection of pinots, cabernets, zins, and whites from a variety of top regional areas around the world. We opted for a pinot from Willamette Valley, Oregon, an excellent choice complementing well with the variety of foods we had coming our way.

Ken started us off with three light appetizers: first, a spring roll with slightly sweet flavors and a faint spicy kick to finish; second bite, was a Louisiana-style crab cake with a perfect crispy outside, moist and crab filled inside, topped with spicy sesame butter sauce… everything a$ crab cake should be; finally, fresh Ahi Poke with Thai sticky rice and spicy chili oil dressing. This was starting off with a bang!

After our salad course we arrived at the main course. The first dish was a melt-in-your-mouth butter fish (white fish similar to sea bass) with a smoky teriyaki flavor topped with a minced tomato radish sauce, which complimented the fish without taking away from the great flavor. Next up, was seared yellow tail in lobster tail  sauce with chives and walnuts. Savor this one—it’s worth it! The last entrée presented was pork and beef paired together on the same plate. The pork was Cajun rubbed and topped with a tropical relish (pineapples, mangos, and papaya sauce). The meat was juicy and tender; you absolutely cannot go wrong with this one, between the yellow tail and the pork it was a toss up for my favorite! The steak had a salt and pepper crust, seared medium rare topped with a cabernet sauce over mashed potatoes.

Typically I pass on dessert. However, I would die twice from eating too much just to have Roy’s chocolate soufflé again. As your spoon breaks it open, warm chocolate oozes out alongside vanilla ice cream drizzled with a berry sauce and fresh fruit. You would be denying yourself the pleasures of life if you do not try this dessert. Completely satiated, it was a great way to end the meal.

Roy’s offers a fantastic brunch on the weekends. They also offer a children’s menu for those seeking the whole family experience. Chef Yamaguchi puts the fun back into food by randomly visiting each of his 31 restaurants throughout the year with an exclusive feast and entertainment. Call Roy’s to find out when he’ll be here next.

Roy’s Tokyo Bar and Grill, 5F West Walk, Roppongi Hills. Tel. 03-5474-8181.