Roppongi: this Tokyo district has been described in many ways, but “sleepy” has never been one of them.

Here to accommodate Roppongi’s 24/7 lifestyle is Udagawa Café, the Shibuya-based leader of Tokyo’s nighttime café culture, who have just launched Roppongi Café, a café and restaurant that opens its doors from early morning to late through the night.

Following the launch of Gourmand Grill & Café located in Ginza in June last year, Roppongi Café opened January 16 at its location next to Hotel b Roppongi. The main attraction is the long opening hours – from 7am to 5am – catering to the needs of the numerous and diverse lifestyles of Tokyo’s residents and visitors.

Whether you’re a hotel guest with a hankering for a decent breakfast or just dropping by before work, the great buffet-style breakfast is sure to get you ready for the day. Udagawa Café’s adored hand-drip coffee, Udagawa Blend, is offered all through the day as well.

For lunch and dinner hours, visitors are treated to a variety of hearty dishes with a Spanish touch, from seafood-flavored paella and ajillo to steaks that tempt visitors to grab another glass of wine. Don’t worry if you can’t take the time to eat in: the café has a take-out menu perfect for grabbing a bite on a short break or to enjoy in the comfort of your home or office.

Set to satisfy the needs of the city’s ever-changing lifestyles, Roppongi Café is a location for any occasion. Whether planning a business meeting, holding a birthday party, or simply dropping by for a well-deserved post-work drink, Roppongi Café is a perfect fit.


Morning: 7:00-10:00
Lunch: 10:00-17:00
Dinner: 17:00-23:00 (food last order 23:00)
Bar: 23:00-5:00 (food last order 4:00, drink last order 4:30)

For more information, visit PR TIMES (Japanese only)