Satin delivers a wonderful fusion of roaring 20s cool and impeccable Japanese service, rounded off with some delectable drinks. Mac Salman of Kanpai Planet gives us the lowdown.

Over the past 16 years, I have been gradually working my way around the best bars and restaurants in Tokyo. This is a never-ending task since incredible venues open with some frequency. It takes a lot to impress me.   

Enter Satin, a new entrant to Tokyo’s nightlife scene. Opened on August 25, 2022, the bar is already one of the hipper spots in the world’s most populous metropolis.  

Art Deco Decadence

Satin is located in the basement of the Akasaka Maruyama Building, which automatically gives it that speakeasy vibe. Even though Akasaka is a decidedly upscale neighborhood, I wasn’t prepared for the opulence that hit me the moment I stepped through the door. 

The bar’s interior is best described as an Art Deco masterpiece in black, gold and green, with etched glass, deep leather upholstery and an ineffable air of intrigue. I was instantly transported to roaring 20s New York City, that extravagant era of unbridled fun and good music that followed World War I. Satin’s Gatsby-era fabulousness almost made me forget I was in Tokyo, but since few embraced Art Deco as enthusiastically as Japan, it’s delightfully fitting that Satin is bringing an elegant glimpse of that era back to life.

I took a seat at the counter, and once I stopped gawking at the grandeur all around and turned my attention to the menu, there was much that appealed. 

Satin specializes in vintage and original cocktails, as well as an impressive range of negroni family variants. The descriptions are refreshingly basic — no crazy ingredients or tinctures. Each drink is impeccably mixed from the finest ingredients and served with style. If you’ve never watched a professional Japanese mixologist perform his magic, you’re in for a treat. The signature drinks were concocted by Marcelo Yuji Prantoni, the Brazilian award-winning mixologist. Watching a bartender choreograph these cocktails is nearly as satisfying as drinking them. 

Deliciously Nostalgic Cocktails

I started with their signature Satin cocktail, a celestial potion of premium gin, vodka, dry vermouth, St Germain and Luxardo Cherry, which was as beautiful as it was invigorating. It went down easily as I chatted with the attentive staff. No one waits long for a drink at Satin, and it’s the kind of place where you can enjoy a quiet drink by yourself or make a fabulous night of it with friends.

Next up, it was time for a Flapper: premium vodka, gin, bourbon, rum, Cointreau, Martini Bianco, syrup, fresh lime juice and a splash of coke make up this delectable, complex concoction. I had to keep reminding myself to savor every drop.

After that, I opted for a drink from the Negroni family, the Negroni Sbagliato. Premium tequila, passion fruit, Italian bitters, Red Vermouth, Brut and an orange slice make up this devastatingly good way to round out an evening at the Satin.

Pro tip: To get the most out of your visit, do as I did and arrive between 7 and 10pm for happy hour. If you’ve spent any time at all in Tokyo, you won’t believe it’s possible to enjoy a fabulous cocktail for only ¥1,000 while marveling at mixologist sleight of hand and wallowing in Jazz Age splendor. Happy hour at the Satin is truly one of Tokyo’s best-kept secrets. 

I was somewhat surprised to spot a big projection screen amid all the glamour, but Satin is also the kind of place where people can enjoy big sporting events like the World Cup with an elegant cocktail in hand. You can also book their private room, which comes equipped with a karaoke machine and a pole, should the cocktails inspire you to kick up your heels and sing. 

Satin is a spectacular place for a nightcap if you’re staying at the nearby hotels or partying in nearby Roppongi, but even if you’re based further afield, it’s well worth the journey to experience the ambience and service that make having a drink here worth every yen. 

Visit the Satin official website for the full drink menu and access information.


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