Who says you need to be a kid to enjoy a good scribble?

Whether you were that preschooler who got caught destroying the walls with vibrant masterpieces, the student whose class notes were filled with doodles, or are looking for a place to express your creativity for the first time, Rakugaki Café & Bar is the perfect place to let go and do what you do best.


Following their previous success in 2014 and 2015, Rakugaki Café & Bar will be relaunched February 4 to March 31 in limited-time pop-up shop form. Mirroring its vision of “creating products that genuinely express emotions and thoughts,” Pentel aims to create a space where people of all kinds can release what’s bubbling deep inside their minds. The Café & Bar is coming back even bigger and better with the theme of “Rakugaki Factory,” an interior where visitors are free to scribble around everywhere: on tables, chairs, walls, floors, and even the research books lying around the place. Seriously.


On top of colorful food and drinks, the café offers a number of events where visitors can indulge in creative activities such as crafting tote bags, taking lessons on chocolate decor (useful Valentine’s Day prep, we’d say) and making your own personalized colored pens.

The café hours (12 to 5pm) have loads to offer, but those swinging by for a drink during bar time (6 to 11:30 pm) may be in for a surprise. Every Friday and Saturday, instead of pens and crayons, the customers will be handed watercolor paint which glows in black light. A completely different atmosphere is offered where people can play around in a vibrant and unique night scene.


The café gives visitors the rare chance to express their creative side and seems like an ideal destination for those wanting a change from their usual hangouts. For more details on the café and scheduled workshops and events, visit, PR TIMES. (Japanese Only)