The beginning of summer in Tokyo exhibits a few tell-tale signs: the piercing sound of cicadas, hand-held fans and humidity. Luckily, these months also bring us a glorious selection of fresh fruit and vegetables to endure the heat. Juicy cucumbers, tomatoes, tangy pineapples and melons are in-season combined with a broad selection of the ocean’s best catches. These ingredients are put to good use in this year’s range of splendid buffets, afternoon teas and picnics.

Art X Picnic in Roppongi Hills

In between viewing Takashi Murakami‘s incredible art and the innovative exhibitions at Media Ambition Tokyo, settle down on the grass with a gourmet picnic from Roppongi Hills’ most popular Western and Japanese restaurants: a succulent churrasco picnic from Barbacoa, a hand-picked Spanish spread from BIKiNi SIS and a revitalizing custom-cut cheese salad from LAMMAS to name a few. If you’d prefer a table to dine on, reserve a seat on the fabulous restaurant terraces overlooking the green.

Prices vary depending on the restaurant | Until Jun 20

Tokyo Marriot’s Vegan Picnic Basket

Continuing the picnic trend is this scrumptious basket from Tokyo Marriot Hotel. It can be a chore finding vegan and vegetarian food in Tokyo so this is a welcome treat for the meat-averse. Not only is the spread lovely to look at, but it’s also healthy and nutritious with soybean skewers, pink polka-dot tofu sweets and 15 kinds of spices. Easy to eat with one hand while fanning yourself with the other.

¥3,800 | Reserve one day in advance | Until May 31


Blissful Summer Sweets Buffet at Conrad Tokyo

Bring the Mediterranean to you this summer by indulging in Conrad Tokyo‘s magnificent array of ocean-colored treats. Dive into a glorious selection of Italian and Spanish traditional desserts including classic tiramisu, panna cotta compote and melt in your mouth churros. Celebrate other delights from the Mediterranean coast with thirst-quenching citrus fruits arrayed inside equally satisfying sweets.

Adults ¥6,100 – ¥7,600, Children ¥1,700 – ¥3,000 | May 15 – Sep 5


Seasonal Menus From Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

The restaurants at Andaz Tokyo are alive with the flavors of summer. Grab a fork, spoon or chopsticks and sample some of this season’s most revitalizing dishes. Dig into the American classics at The Tavern Grill & Lounge and BeBu. Choose from tender snow-aged Japanese beef, grilled Australian T-bone steak or Bebu’s Brioche Crusted Camembert Burger. The rooftop bar boasts an impressive array of Summer Sour cocktails using a salivating assortment of seasonal fruits. Plus, don’t miss the morish butter sweets at the pastry shop and flower and honey confectioneries coming in June.

Meal plans ¥4,400 – ¥15,400, butter sweets from ¥238 (discounts available) | Until July 31

Summer Jewel Afternoon Tea

The Strings Intercontinental welcomes new pastry chef Osada Gaku and his glittering afternoon tea creation. By using premium ingredients from all over the globe, he creates an array of divine dishes that sparkle like jewels but melt in your mouth: Aribba chocolate from Ecuador, sweet and sour cherry tarts and fresh peach trifles that resemble pink sapphires. For savory delights, expect decadent foie gras mousse, tomato jellies with crystal-black caviar and yuzu carrot tarts sitting beside impressive smoked salmon.

¥5,500,  Night Summer Jewel Afternoon Tea: ¥7,150 | May 1 – June 30

Mermaid Sweets Buffet

Fulfil your childhood fantasies at The Strings Omotesando with this show-stopping all-you-can-eat buffet inspired by The Little Mermaid fairytale. Heap your plate with melon infused savory treats such as roasted chicken thighs marinated in melon juice, brilliant viridescent seafood curry and Camembert cheese with dates and pistachio canapes. The sweets are endless with melon shortcakes, tarts, jellies and cheesecakes, as well as a white chocolate fountain where you can dip fresh strawberries, brownies and marshmallows.

Adults ¥4,930 – ¥ 5,650, Children ¥3,200 | May 7 – July 18