A restaurant devoted to full, hearty French toast making has launched their newest creations just in time for satisfying your holiday spirit.

Based in Fukuoka, Ivorish launched its Shibuya branch two years ago, but the queue of people hanging on to their “it’s worth the wait” hopes has yet to shorten. Ivorish bakes their own bread, which lives up to the “premium” label – it’s the kind of bread that crunches when you take the first bite, but is fluffy and tender in the inside.

The name “Ivorish” comes from combining “Ivory” (the tawny color of baked bread) and “cherish” — there are no other words to describe their love and care for French toast. The variety of these “premium” French toast dishes is incredible. For those craving some sweetness, treat yourself to the crispy caramelized but soft bread topped with all berries you can name, carefully roasted nuts, fluffy whipped cream, and much much more. The restaurant offers numerous savory meals as well; full dishes with rich melted cheese, Eggs Benedict, and even some good old steaks.

Into the bargain, the restaurant has invited us to celebrate its seasonal winter menu, bringing back both fan favorites and brand new recipes.

Proving that French toast tastes great with practically everything, Ivorish’s latest savory treat “Pescatore” is a full dish made with toast soaked in basil-flavored batter, topped with plenty of seafood and fresh tomato, and garnished with truffle-scented olive oil that you can add for the ultimate flavorful experience.


The restaurant offers delicious and intriguing dishes unique to each branch and the Shibuya store is no exception. Shibuya’s berry-laden, cream cheese–topped “White Christmas” is certainly satisfying even just by first glance and may not seem like the perfect healthy choice — but, we must admit that the holidays are just steps away, and there’s no getting out of it, so what’s the harm in starting a bit early?

For those in favor of a savory meal or just stopping by for a casual dinner in Shibuya, we invite you for an entertaining experience with the limited menu “Mushroom Cream Pot”. Slide your fork through the light and flaky pie spiced with dill and olive on top, and make your way through the thick loaf of French bread, overflowing with a rich white sauce of tender mushrooms and tasty bacon.


With all those appealing dishes and lovely atmosphere, it’s no surprise that the premium French toast restaurant is often packed with enchanted customers. For people who want to avoid the crowds and are hoping to spend some time at home with their heavenly treat, take-out container menus are available at every store, in regular and half size (just like all menus at Ivorish). They’re perfect for any occasion: everything from small talk over afternoon tea to birthday parties and family gatherings or just some old-fashioned me-time.

Located just five minutes from Shibuya Station, Ivorish Shibuya opens its doors from brunch time to as late as 10pm on weekends, reassuring us that hearty breakfasts are meant for any time of the day.


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