Let’s face it — cats make up most of the internet. From cute cat videos and photos keeping us entertained for hours on end to cat-themed clothing and accessories and cat cafés, even those who claim to dislike our feline friends can’t help but laugh at their crazy antics.

…Which is probably why Cafe de Kuroneko-sha, a cafe that opened in 2014, is so popular!

That, along with the fact that the place is littered with cat knick-knacks and accessories. You’ll find kitties galore, but none that shed fur — this is no cat café. Instead, you’ll find your furry feline friend in the form of these cleverly shaped rice balls — the purrfect snack for a hungry tum.


There’s plenty of delicious fare to choose from, ranging from traditional Japanese dishes like broiled fish and rice balls to typical café nibbles like sandwiches and scones.

The shop is located in Machiya, but if you’re worried about getting lost, there’s no need to fear — the shop sign features the very same cat faces that are on their rice balls!


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Main image & image of scone: @cakedekns via Twitter