What if we told you that we know a great restaurant that offers fresh brunch options only a 5-minute walk from Shibuya station?

OUT is a small restaurant that has built a reputation for its cool atmosphere and unique combination of truffle pasta. We’ve raved about their unique concept before, but today, we want to share with you their latest project: Sunday brunch. TW was offered a taste of the weekly event and we just couldn’t keep it a secret.

It’s safe to assume that every expatriate living in Japan has been on the receiving end of their visiting relatives and friends begging to go out for brunch. Unfortunately, Tokyo isn’t one of those cities where avocado toast and mimosas can be found on every corner (to everybody’s disappointment). Your next best bet is the restaurant chain Eggs n’ Things, but only if you want pancakes with a tower of whipped cream and are willing to wait in line for about an hour.

OUT owner Sara Crago saw that there was a demand for rich and flavorful breakfast options. She experimented with the idea of a Sunday brunch once a month, but customers quickly fell in love with the idea and asked for more. Now, you can enjoy a delicious meal with refreshing lemonade or Bloody Mary every week.

Even in the daylight, the restaurant keeps its relaxed atmosphere that lets customers not only enjoy their meal to the fullest but also socialize whilst getting a behind-the-scenes look into the kitchen. While the evening menu stays loyal to fresh pasta, the Sunday brunch menu is everchanging. With three items to choose from and beverages ranging from delicious lemonade to white wine, every visit is unique.

Crago makes it a point to bring its chefs from all around the world who want to dabble and experiment with cooking something outside of their routine or comfort zone. Customers can eat meals prepared by some great chefs from throughout Japan (the one we met was from Uruguay and heading to Okinawa) and enjoy meals that you can’t find anywhere else in the city.

Wondering what will be prepared on that day before making a reservation? OUT releases the latest menu items on Facebook and Instagram. If there’s an item that intrigues you, go ahead and book your spot.

For more information about this venue, take a look at our Concierge page.