If you’re looking for a new place to slurp up some mollusks, look no farther than Shinjuku.

Shinjuku Nishiguchi Oyster Bar, the latest addition to Shinjuku’s resurgent foodie scene, opened June 14, and the restaurant promises the authentic taste of a New York oyster bar with a fun, casual atmosphere.

The oyster bar carries over 15 kinds—that’s apparently the greatest variety in Tokyo—including oysters from Japan, the US and New Zealand. The Oyster Platter, the bar’s signature dish, offers no less than 24 oysters from various regions arranged on a giant plate.

Along with fresh oysters, other seafood dishes on offer include shrimp, meat dishes, genuine American-style clam chowder and much more.

If the food options aren’t enough to convince you, the bar offers a ¥2,000, two-hour all-you-can-drink course of wines from a nitrogen wine server.

Next time you’re in the mood for some fresh oysters in a cool atmosphere, Shinjuku Nishiguchi Oyster Bar might just be the place.

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