McDonald’s has done it again with another exciting collaboration, this time with the long-running anime series Case Closed, otherwise known as Detective Conan. The collaboration includes a twist on the McDonald’s trademarked Chicken Tatsuta, a Japanese-style fried chicken sandwich, and will be sold starting April 17.

McDonald’s First-Ever Collaboration with Detective Conan

The collaboration menu will include the classic Chicken Tatsuta and a mouth-watering cheese yurinchi (scallion soy sauce) variation. In the evenings (starting from 5 p.m.), the menu will also incorporate a Chicken Tatsuta with rice buns, named “Gohan Chicken Tatsuta, Twilight Delicious.”

To promote its newest menu item, McDonald’s released a 30-second commercial with the beloved characters of Detective Conan pursuing the Chicken Tatsuta sandwich. In the video, the characters refer to the sandwich as “the legendary treasure that’s released just once a year.” Conan’s recognizable soundtrack and dramatic flair are delightful if not comically melodramatic to Conan and McDonald’s fans alike.

Detective Conan: The Million-dollar Pentagram mcdonalds

Detective Conan: The Million-dollar Pentagram

This first-ever collaboration of the American fast food giant and Detective Conan coincides with the release of the 27th installment of its film series, Detective Conan: The Million-dollar Pentagram, which will be in theaters on April 12. Following the release of Detective Conan: Black Iron Submarine just last year, this year’s installment will follow fan-favorite Kaito Kid’s next big heist, a sword with ties to the historical warrior Toshizo Hijikata. 

Detective Conan x Uniqlo

Uniqlo has yet another treat for Case Closed fans. On the first of this month, Uniqlo released a Conan x UT collaboration, featuring six new T-shirts with never-seen-before illustrations by Detective Conan’s author Gosho Aoyama. 

With all these collaborations and releases lined up, April is sure to be a great month for mystery solving. Get in the mood to crack some cases with your favorite animated detectives, donning a Uniqlo shirt and biting into a chicken sandwich.

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