The McCafe concept has landed in Tokyo, as McDonald’s aims to go one better than its competition, aiming to beat them for speed while offering muffins instead of Big Macs.

McCafe staff

Pretty in Purple? Staff at the new branch.

Where else but Omotesando, the testing ground for many Tokyo opening, and home to some of the most fashion-conscious customers in town. Attempting to change its image over the years – from Ronald McDonald themed gorging to refined, sophisticated cafe style – has been something of a mission for the company.

In Japan, though, the chain doesn’t seem to have the negative association with problems such as obesity it suffered in Europe and the US in the mid-2000s. And while business has thrived, with 100 yen coffees eating into the Starbucks share – and local chains, they know they are on to something.

With so many cool cafes in Tokyo, we hope you can find something a little more unique than McCafe but it is sure to be successful, Roppongi Hills branch opens on July 27 with 30 more “30 McCafe by Barista” stores planned by the end of the year.