Gyoza Hohei, a specialty gyoza restaurant founded in Gion, Kyoto, opened a new Tokyo branch in Ginza December 10.

Gyoza Hohei is one of Kyoto’s foremost gyoza restaurants and has been selected for Michelin’s guide to Kyoto and Osaka three years running. It offers a special kind of gyoza called “ginger gyoza,” created by a Michelin-rated chef who spent almost two years in creating a gyoza that would leave your breath smelling fresh.

In Kyoto, diners have been known to line up for Gyoza Hohei for up to four hours. The shop is popular with tourists and locals alike, including maiko! It’s also known as a great place to grab a late snack after a night on the town.

Aside from gyoza, sides include bite-sized cucumbers with sesame oil, potato salad and original soups.

For more information, visit the official site or PR TIMES (Japanese only)