Picking Up Sushi With Your Hands

Eating sushi with your hands is fine — don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Just remember to pick up the sushi with your thumb, index, and middle fingers. Doing it this way ensures a gentle but firm hold on it so that you don’t drop it or smush it.

Eating Sushi With Chopsticks

If you don’t feel confident to eat sushi with your hands, feel free to use chopsticks instead. Either method is perfectly acceptable.

Dipping Sushi into Soy Sauce

Make sure to slightly turn the piece of sushi over when you dip it into the soy sauce so that only the topping touches the liquid. The rice should never touch the soy sauce.

Eat It in One Bite

Sushi is made to eat in one bite, allowing you to experience the mixture of flavors and textures on your tongue. Try to eat it all in one go to maximize the sensory experience of eating sushi.

Use Ginger as a Palate Cleanser

Between sushi pieces, grab a piece of ginger and eat it to cleanse your palate. This will ensure you get the best flavor experience with every bite.

Place Wasabi on the Topping

Don’t mix wasabi into the soy sauce. If you’d like to add wasabi, then place it on top of the fish or other nigiri toppings before dipping the sushi into the sauce.

Once you’ve got your sushi eating etiquette down, why not take a class to learn how to make it from scratch?

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