Bijuu Co., Ltd, a longstanding confectionery store that produces Kyoto’s famed sweet souvenirs otabe (also commonly known as nama yatsuhashi) and Kyo Baum (a Kyoto take on the German Baumkuchen cake) are introducing a new lineup this spring. Starting in April 2018, Bijuu Co., Ltd will showcase a new flavored otabe each month.

May’s otabe, on sale from May 1, is called Sanaeduki (an old name for May in Japanese) and features hojicha (roasted green tea) flavored azuki (sweet bean) paste. The sweets offer a refreshing aroma of roasted green tea mixed with the gentle sweetness of azuki beans, all wrapped in a delicate and chewy yatsuhashi rice dough.

The package design will also change every month and is designed by Hiroe Takigawa, a famous illustrator and graphic designer.

Otabe has been a part of the Kyoto confectionary scene for 80 years. The three main ingredients include azuki bean paste from Hokkaido, Koshi Hikari rice from Fukui, and water from one of the top 100 sources in Japan. The otabe is then made with the utmost care to create the delicious chewy Kyoto sweets we know and love.

For more details, visit the official website or PR TIMES (Japanese only)