by Deborah Im

The hot, muggy days of the Tokyo summer are upon us. One way to beat the heat? A gigantic ‘snow mountain’ shaved ice dessert topped with condensed milk and green tea soft serve ice cream from Kyo Hayashiya. Underneath the mound of shaved ice are other delights, including sweetened red beans, green tea syrup, and chewy mochi balls. Other options to cool you down in the most delicious way include parfaits made with layers of fruit, green tea mousse, green tea ice cream and whipped cream, or a simple bowl of rich, creamy green tea soft serve or ice cream.

Originally founded in Kyoto, Kyo Hayashiya has been a purveyor of all things green tea since 1753. In addition to the largest shaved ice dessert I’ve found in Tokyo, Kyo Hayashiya has an extensive menu of cold and hot teas, desserts incorporating green tea or hojicha, as well as set meals.

The matcha milk, served hot or cold, delivers a delicious and healthy dose of green tea, which is packed with antioxidants. Dining options include choices such as a green tea zaru soba served on ice, ochazuke, and a seasonal lunch set that includes tea-infused rice served with soup, fish, various pickles and marinated dishes. With any meal set, diners have the option of choosing one of Kyo Hayashiya’s delicious dessert parfaits for just a few hundred yen more.

With several branches in Tokyo, including one conveniently located inside Tokyo Midtown, Kyo Hayashiya is a relaxing, serene oasis from the hot and humid weather.

Open daily (11am–9pm)

B1F Tokyo Midtown Galleria
9-7-3 Akasaka, Minato-ku
Tel: 03-5413-0396