Tokyo is home to a healthy variety of wine and every restaurant that specializes in meat or seafood is sure to have a moderate – or generous – list of wines for those who enjoy a glass with their dinner.

Actor Kurt Russell shares that very love of wine. He isn’t the first in Hollywood to dip his toes into the vast and competitive world of wines but that didn’t stop him from learning the art of making and producing fine quality wine from the ground up, with a pair of clippers in hand.

Gogi Wines was born not only from a love of drinking and enjoying a good glass of red but from the enjoyment of the process. To show his respect for the vineyards, Russell made a point to make sure that his bottles were made from Californian grapes free of pesticides and other additives.

Gogi Wines recently made their debut in Japan thanks to Global Dining and their many restaurants. As more and more travelers want to know what’s on their plate and where it comes from, transparency is key. If you’re staying clear of harmful chemicals and are looking for an eco-friendly alternative, these wines are a great option.

Starting from this month, select restaurants will offer two Gogi Wines, one red and one white, to suit all occasions. Which one will you go for?


Gogi Wines Pinot Noir “Southpaw”

Grown in the cool climate of Santa Rita Hills, this wine is your classic pinot noir. The low yield and the high temperature in summer make the grapes very concentrated, so much so they are harvested earlier than usual. Stored at a constant sugar content of 25 in Brix level for an aging period of 21 months in French oak barrels, this red comes with a balanced flavor, tannin and structure. Enjoy alongside your mid-week dinner, salmon à la meunière or barbecue on the weekend.


Gogi Wines Chardonnay “Goldie”

Named after Russell’s longtime partner, actress Goldie Hawn, this Chardonnay is harvested from three vineyards, Zotovitch, Dierberg, and Duvarita Vineyard, in Santa Rita Hills. Grapes are hand-selected based on their flavor, texture, color and, of course, their compatibility. The brewing barrels are kept cool, where wine is fermented with wild yeast for malolactic fermentation. The aging period is 17 months in French oak barrels. Served best with sautéed scallop or your favorite seafood pasta.

Global Dining manages restaurants all over the city. Gogi Wines will be served exclusively at 12 of their restaurants, including Tableaux, their brasserie in Daikanyama, Legato, their restaurant known for its beautiful night view, and their Gonpachi locations.