Sushi Fukuzuka is a small sushi restaurant located on a picturesque street in Kagurazaka. Chef Fukuzuka considers temperature one of the most important parts of cooking, and his motto is simple yet profound: hot dishes should be served hot and cold dishes should be served cold.

At Sushi Fukuzuka, tuna is kept at room temperature before being served with rice heated to 50℃. This combination brings the tuna’s succulent fat right to its melting point. Aside from sushi, the restaurant’s sides are also perfectly temperature controlled.

Chef Fukuzuka makes a visit to the market every day, checking in with the fish dealers. The restaurant’s specialty is tuna from tuna wholesaler Yamayuki, which Fukuzuka makes his own through a great deal of time and effort.

At Sushi Fukuzuka, the atmosphere and tableware are as important as the food. Tableware used in the restaurant is prepared by the proprietor of bar Salon de Shintaro in Ginza. Meanwhile, the flowers on the wall are arranged by Shiho Yokokawa.

Visit Sushi Fukuzuka to wine and dine in a relaxing atmosphere.

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