One of the best reasons to travel to the Hokuriku region in winter is to eat some of its delicious seafood—especially crab, which is about to come into season.

Starting November 6, the opening day of crab season, JR East will launch a Hokuriku promotion that stars the region’s delicious crab and celebrates the third anniversary of the Hokuriku Shinkansen.

One part of the promotion is the decoration of the Marucnouchi underground passage at Tokyo Station. The entire 11-meter-long passage, including floors, walls and stairs will be covered in images of crabs doing synchronized swimming in the Sea of Japan.

One more exciting piece of PR is the official YouTube video, which shows crabs dancing like crazy. The video can be viewed below.

The front windows of View Plaza in Yaesu Central at Tokyo Station, will also be crabbed out.

This event lasts a limited time, so make your way to Tokyo Station—and Hokuriku—soon.

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