Waking up means reaching for a rich dark cup of the favorite stimulant of choice, which is usually coffee. Japan agrees, as coffee consumption here is an industry valued at $35 million this year alone. The expanding affinity for coffee has given birth to some independent roasters fostering their own unique and distinctive blends. In the hip and fashionable Tokyo suburb of Jiyugaoka, the love of coffee is evident. The natural creativity of the area has resulted in some of the best coffee in this city. There are many shops to try but start with these seven Jiyugaoka coffee shops that are a must.

bread and espresso jiyugaoka coffee shops 7

bread and espresso

1. Bread and Espresso

Bread and Espresso Jiyugaoka is a bakery and coffee shop with a unique interior. The walls and décor are freeform, with no hard edges or straight lines. Those familiar with the Gaudi buildings in Barcelona might appreciate the wavy and spherical aesthetic. The company motto reads a bit like “pretty good is best,” pertaining to the concept that if it feels like a good idea, you should go for it without second-guessing. It’s certainly a spot for great photos, aside from the great coffee.

Where: 2-9-6 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku

chanoko coffee jiyugaoka cafes

chanoko coffee jiyugaoka cafes

2. Chanoko Coffee Roastery

The allure of this place is the vast amount of roasts and flavors on offer and the bohemian prestige this little shop has earned in the Jiyugaoka scene. The theme of Chanoko is luxury you can get your hands on, that you can incorporate into your daily life and the depth of value you can get from coffee.

Chanoko is serious about coffee, so much so that they own their own roastery and have a wholesale coffee service for those who want to take something home. The roasts on offer range from the shallowest Ethiopian coffee to deep roast and rich blends. No matter where you fall in terms of preferences, there is an enticing blend for you at Chanoko.

Yosuke Saito, the owner of the store, is a meticulous coffee roast specialist and an avid lover of soulful music. In his coffee shop, you can expect to enjoy your coffee in a modern, minimalist setting with great music and unforgettable coffee.

Where: 2-12-6 Okusawa, Setagaya-ku

latte graphic jiyugaoka

3. Latte Graphic

Australian expats can get excited about this coffee shop as it offers Melbourne coffee. That’s right, they have flat whites. Latte Graphic also serves Australian cuisine to go with the drinks. This venue’s interior is brimming with artistic expression from down under, with murals and artwork reminiscent of the vibrant Melbourne scene.

“Special moments, memorable days and coffee to enrich people’s lives,” is the message from Latte Graphic.

Where: 1-8-18 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku

8 yards coffee

8 yards coffee jiyugaoka

4. 8 Yards Coffee

Sweet tooth alert: this place is steeped in luxurious, creamy, chocolatey sins from wall to wall. Take for example, the alluring cookie-affogato coupled with a hot chocolate brownie whisked from oven to plate in 10 minutes. It goes to say that 8 Yards Coffee goes the whole nine yards.

Stylish, high-quality and life-changing, the 8 Yards brand is the ideal destination for both coffee and sweets lovers. They also have their own merchandise you can buy in-store with the characteristic monochromatic sleek design you can expect of a trendy Jiyugaoka coffee shop.

8 Yards is currently only open on Sundays so be sure to check their latest opening hours to not miss out.

Where: 6-5-4, Todoroki, Setagaya-ku

sunset coffee jiyugaoka

5. Sunset Coffee

Located in Sunset Valley, Sunset Coffee offers great brews for those wanting a coffee on the go. With an appetizing array of snacks and a selection of coffee beans and chai blends, they have something for everyone

With relatable values such as: “It is not only about the taste, but also about the casual communication that energizes the customers,” and “life begins after coffee,” you may find yourself already resonating with the atmosphere and values of this hole-in-the-wall boutique.

Where: 1-26-14 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku

onibus jiyugaoka coffee shops

6. Onibus Coffee

A trendy, sleek, modern coffee shop and coffee subscription service for all levels of bean fiends.

“Connecting people with coffee. Valuing warmth that passes from hand to hand plays a significant part in the communication that creates connections with people. That is Onibus.” This is the company’s motto and they make sure to stay true to that.

For those curious what the store name means, Onibus is a Portuguese word that means “public bus” or “for all.” They named their café Onibus Coffee with the idea of bringing people together. With huge open windows and a great aesthetic, as well as coffee-blending contraptions, this is a must-go coffee stop on your Jiyugaoka coffee journey.

Where: 5-1-4 Okusawa, Setagaya-ku

7. Alpha Beta Coffee Club

Starting life as a coffee subscription service, Alpha Beta Coffee is more than just your everyday craft coffee establishment. ABC coffee has a fantastic program that hires people with intellectual disabilities to package and handle the goods, giving purpose and value to everybody involved in the transaction. There’s a sprawling terrace where you can lounge with a coffee, but online meetings are not allowed.

Where: 2-10-4 Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku

In the last few years, Jiyugaoka has become somewhat of a mecca for coffee in the Tokyo area, synonymous with its moniker as the new hip-and-cool locale. If you need more Jiyugaoka coffee shops to try, you can also check out our honorable mentions.

Crossing Coffee Roastery has an extensive array of coffee blends. For those looking for a place with some unique decor, Jiyugaoka’s Peter Rabbit Café is a quaint and charming choice for an afternoon coffee with confectionaries. Alternatively, the Royal Crystal Coffee House would be an excellent option for anybody in a group. It offers something very different to the other Jiyugaoka coffee shops, going for a European aristocrat atmosphere and tableware.

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Note that hours are liable to change, so please check each coffee shop’s website or social media before you visit.