Ever wonder what it’s really like to get up close and personal with your food? Instead of just eating it, what would it be like to skate, bike, golf, build or climb up it? Assuming you’ve never skateboarded in the pit of an avocado, or walked on the edge of a chopstick, you’ll have to take a look at this duo’s artwork to see what everyday life would be like surrounded by giant-sized food.

With more than a decade’s experience of creating illusions of mini figurines with fruits, pastries, cheese, nuts, and anything else you can think of, the artistic pair, calling themselves Minimiam– meaning “Mini Yum” in French—have constructed over 100 intricately designed scenes.

Japanese food photographer, Akiko Ida, was born in Gunma and later moved to Tokyo to attend the Tokyo University of the Arts. After graduation, Ida went to Paris for further education at an art and design school, where she met her husband, and now creative partner, Pierre Javelle. Minimiam have held exhibitions around the world and continue their jobs as professional food photographers, shooting for cookbooks and advertisements in many famous publications.

Inspiration, according to Ida, comes from the things that surround them in daily life. “One time we saw a beautiful chocolate eclair at a bakery, we bit into it and the way chocolate came out was lovely. And it looked like a tear in the ground after an earthquake,” Ida explains to EuroMaxx, hence the “chocolate eclair construction photo” below.

Although most of the food is real, when creating scenes for installations, the food is created with polystyrene and synthetic resin, since real food will spoil and change over time, according to Javelle.

After nearly 12 years of experience, Minimiam plans to release a book of these entertaining and amusing creations:

Chocolate Eclair Construction




Donut Golfing


Raisin Work


Egg Cycling


Firefighting Chilis


Watermelon Digging


Peanut Construction


Chopstick Construction Beam


Avocado Half Pipe


Kiwi Lawn Mowing


–Sami Kawahara

Images: Minimiam official site