Ramen cravings are no myth – the delicious and surprisingly cheap noodles are irresistible, and shops line practically every corner – but ramen does come at a high-calorie price.

But fear not: famed Hakata ramen chain Ippudo is here to save our waistlines. Having recently opening its noren in Paris last year following success in Japan, New York, Taiwan, China, Australia, London and just about everywhere else, the restaurant dedicated to communicating Japanese culture through ramen is here with a guilt-free bowl.

With a 50% carb cutback, the whole dish come to just 549 calories, a significant decrease from the shop’s signature 800 calorie-plus dishes. Made from combining core ingredients such as rice bran and starch with 11 other grains, the thin noodles have a light, crispy texture that pair well with the fresh, soy sauce-based broth.

The dish will be served at all 21 branches in Japan from May 10 to the end of the month. For the three weeks to come, calorie-conscious ramen aficionados are in for a treat. And who knows, it may win over a few non-fans, too.

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