It’s no secret that Tokyo’s coffee scene is getting better and better by the day, and Roar Coffeehouse & Roastery, which opened early last year, is no exception. This coffee-proud shop not only roasts their own beans, their extensive menu of coffee drinks and food is hard to beat. All of their espresso-based drinks come with a double shot of the good stuff, so be aware they pack a bit of a punch — hence the name Roar: roar by name, roar by nature.

On the topic of punch, they also offer alcohol-imbued caffeination options such as Irish cafe lattes, and an intriguing espresso martini that we haven’t seen yet, but are dying to try. One of their biggest draws, though, is their “secret” off-menu option: the rainbow latte. Simply ask the barista in charge about it when you make your order and you may just be served a colorful creation that looks something like this:

Don’t be fooled though — it’s still all about the coffee. While customers can choose a white or brown “canvas” for the art, they can also choose the beans used, as well. For those less inclined to add a bit of color to their caffeine, the shop’s daily blend is available between 8am and 9am, then again from noon to 1pm, and comes at just ¥200 per cup.

For Roar Coffeehouse & Roastery’s map and contact details, click here.

All photos via Roar Coffeehouse & Roastery’s Instagram account and website,