The goggle eyed owl on those inimitable Hooters T-shirts will get an outdoor run out this summer in Tokyo, as the chain adds a temporary Otemachi branch to its Ginza and Akasaka venues, in the form of a salaryman enticing beer garden.

The chain, best known, of course, for its free flowing beer, burgers and steak plates (isn’t it?) seems to have chosen the perfect catchment area for its new venture. Outdoors in Otemachi, in the heart of Marunouchi, is full of stressed out workers eager for a bit of, how shall we say, ‘relaxation’ after work… As far as we’ve seen, there are actually a fair few women who head in for beers and laughs, and nobody really takes the place too seriously, which is probably all for the best.

Between 6.30 and 7.30pm on the opening day (June 13) there will be a ‘Sports Performer x Hooters Girl Collaboration’ which involves BMX riders, an Olympic triathlete and a freestyle basketball performer… We’d say it’s a fairly easy bet on where everyone’s eyes will be glued, though.

Hooters Beer Garden Otemachi (click through for official site)

Open: June 13 – September 30.
Access: Otemachi Station exit A4 or E1 (see map below)

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