Last summer, we traveled to Kochi to learn more about Nestle Japan’s yuzu-sake KitKat. Former Japanese football superstar Hidetoshi Nakata’s fourth collaboration launching this month features a new exciting type of Japanese liquor: rich yogurt sake.

This mini KitKat was inspired by the history of Niizawa Brewery in Miyagi Prefecture. Founded in 1873, their yogurt sake owes its reputation to poet Bansui Doi, who was extremely fond of it. To this day, it’s famous for its incredible compatibility with food, making it a popular choice to pair with any dinner.

What is Yogurt Sake?

This special kind of Japanese liquor, as its name suggests, involves dairy. Niizawa Brewery cultivates milk from Holstein Friesians, a breed of cow that originated in the northern provinces of the Netherlands and Germany and often compared to Jersey cattle. What makes these cows special is the unique richness of their milk. Unlike regular sake, this variety comes in a thicker consistency and enhanced acidity.

To make this KitKat, powdered yogurt is mixed into the chocolate coating, bringing out the lactic acid for a refreshing, milky taste.

In developing the fourth product to be produced, Nakata focused on recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake by incorporating the unique rich yogurt sake produced by Niizawa Brewery. Note that this limited-edition flavor has a limited shelf life and is exclusive to Japan, so if you’d like a taste, be sure to pick it up while you can!

The yogurt-sake mini KitKat hits selected stores in Japan on March 16.