In a bid to attract gamers in the community, Japan’s favorite gorilla-themed curry restaurant has launched a brand new esports curry. Co-developed alongside Nihon Pharmaceutical University and karaoke chain, Karaoke no Tetsujin, this well-balanced curry dish is said to help players “win at esports.”

esports curry

The Symbolic Meaning of Each Curry Topping

Simply called “Esports Curry,” it is priced at ¥1,280. The base of the dish is the famous Go! Go! Curry “Recover Curry” for the roux. Toppings have been chosen by students of Nippon Pharmaceutical University. Each item has a symbolic meaning to it, such as the roast cutlet indicating you’ll win easily, spinach representing teamwork, cheese signifying the word one utters prior to a winner’s photograph being taken and crisp cabbage that plays an important supporting role. You can order this curry with either a 200 gram portion of rice or the larger 300 gram portion, with upgrades to the larger size being free of charge.

It’s unclear if the university students actually used a nutrition-based approach to select the ingredients or if they simply chose their own personal favorite curry add-ons. But we’ll trust that they have our best interests at heart and that this curry won’t end up sending us into a food coma. A curry like this also seems like it would be the perfect accompaniment to a long day or night at an internet café, rather than a karaoke chain, but perhaps karaoke is where most professional esports players go to unwind after training or competitions. Regardless, it is nice to see more businesses adopt gaming into their marketing strategies. This is a true testament to how common gaming has become, especially in Japan.

Where to Eat Esports Curry

The “Esports Curry” is available only at the Karaoke Tetsujin Ginza branch. While the promotion doesn’t indicate limited stock, it’s always best to call in advance to check if the dish is available.

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