With winter here and temperatures dropping, hearty fare is what we’re all after. Enter German bar and eatery Schmatz. Their promise of “good beer, good food, and good friends” is perfect for a chilly day – or any day for that matter. Luckily, you shouldn’t have to go too far for a dose of schmatz (the German term to describe a sound of happiness, for example, the sound you make when you taste something delicious) as they are rapidly expanding their list of locations – their branch in Kichijoji has just opened, and they are set to launch another in Shinjuku soon.

Schmatz’s crowning glory is undoubtedly its impressive selection of locally crafted beers, served fresh daily. They also boast the largest selection of German craft beers in Japan. A light, flavorful pilsner has been specially made for the Kichijoi location. We recommend pairing the Kichijoi Pilsner with the delicious Sausage Curry or Schnitzel Tartar Burger (pictured above).

Located on a hip street that’s just a stone’s throw from Kichijoji Station, the new location is cozy and modern. Schmatz’s Japanese-inspired German dishes at affordable prices will make you beery happy (sorry, couldn’t resist).

For Schmatz Kichijoji map and contact details, see our Concierge listing.

Schmatz kichijoji

Schmatz Kichijoji