If you’re out and about in Tokyo on the weekend, keep your eyes peeled for a very special food truck—or should we say cola truck. Iyoshi Cola specializes in craft cola made from more than 10 spices including kola nut, cinnamon, vanilla beans, cardamom and more.

The truck is run by a man who calls himself Cola Kobayashi, the president of Iyoshi Cola.

Cola Kobayashi’s grandfather was a traditional herbal medicine artisan who started Iyoshi Yakko in 1954. Kobayashi inherited his grandfather’s spirit of craftsmanship and blending expertise, which he uses in his craft cola.

The blended spices in Iyoshi Cola are said to promote the metabolism and relieve fatigue.

Cola Kobayashi and his truck can usually be found around the Farmer’s Market at United Nations University, Omotesando. For the latest information, see the official Instagram account.

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