Shabu-Shabu Yakiniku Kintan opened its third restaurant in Akasaka on October 29, offering shabu-shabu with aged ox tongue and aged cheese plus all-you-can-eat vegetables. Enjoy ox tongue and the highest-ranked beef in Japan, A5 beef, while taking in the daily recommended 350 grams of vegetables.

Kintan Akasaka aims to enrich the diet of people working in Akasaka. Meat is an essential ingredient: animal protein contained in meat is the energy source that moves our bodies. The shabu-shabu process reduces the calories in beef by 10 to 20 percent so you can stay healthy.

Meanwhile, vegetables can replenish many nutrients not found in meat. Vitamin C contained in vegetables strengthens skin, bones, blood vessels, and muscles for a healthy and durable body. Since vegetables are rich in antioxidants, it is said to help fight aging.

Kintan Akasaka: aiming to enrich customers’ diets and make them happy.

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