by Danielle Tate-Stratton 

Eating meat is surprisingly destructive to the envi­ronment—for every gram of beef we eat, 6.8kg of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere, and other types of meat aren’t too far behind. Therefore, it’s logical (and good for our bodies as well) to incorporate more vegetarian meals into our diet. In Japan, that can be hard to do, but new vegetable café and bakery Eat More Greens (EMG) makes going vegetarian, if only for a meal, incredibly palatable! Located in Azabujuban, EMG has both indoor and outdoor seating and is a fantastic place to sit and spend the afternoon.

My dining partner and I were thrilled with both of our lunch sets (¥1,200). I had a cold and hearty corn chowder, fresh baby greens and avocado with tomato and tofu dressing, and a warm, home-baked bagel. My friend enjoyed a wild rice with black soybean taco and salad plate and both of us enjoyed organic coffee and desert after our meals. We were pleasantly surprised to leave feeling satisfied but not weighed down by our meals, which like everything they serve, EMG promises is additive, coloring, meat, fish, and egg free. Not only is it a pleasant and delicious experience, but it is made even more enjoyable by the knowledge that you are eating well for both your self and the earth, (in Japanese).