Love Mexican food but aching for the real deal? DJ Sarasa shares your craving. Born in Tokyo and raised in New York, her music career has taken her around the world, but it’s Mexico – and its food – that stole her heart. Over the past few years, she’s been working towards setting up an authentic Mexican restaurant in Tokyo, and on May 16, that dream comes true as she opens the doors to Casa De Sarasa in Shibuya.

“I wanted to create a place where people could bond during a dining experience in Tokyo as they do in Mexico,” she says. “I believe that when a group of friends, family and colleagues share home-cooked food around the table, it brings a feeling of connection.”

And this is where the charm of Casa De Sarasa lies: the food has that satisfying home-cooked quality, and the restaurant is small enough that you might imagine the chefs are friends serving you around a dinner table at home. The tacos are gluten-free corn tortillas, inspired by the street food DJ Sarasa tucks into each time she travels to Mexico, and come served with five salsa sauces.

You can also look forward to spicy elote (corn on the cob), nopales (cactus) salad, and a wide variety of tequila – look out for the Tequila Flight menu, which comes courtesy of the Tequila Festa and includes celebrity guest selections.

The furniture is custom-made from Mexican textiles and you’ll spot traditional elements such as talavera ceramics pottery tiles. Artists Javier Rodriquez and Ana Munos even flew in from Mexico to hand paint talavera artworks of plants, flowers and animals throughout the interior.

“My wish is that the restaurant will inspire new friendships to form and develop,” says DJ Sarasa. “I welcome everyone to enjoy our homemade Mexican cuisine and hope they feel, as it says on our wall, mi casa es tu casa.”

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