This month, the Minions are taking over Baskin Robbins.

The ice cream chain, also known as “31” here in Japan, is hosting the popular creatures from the Despicable Me franchise all month in a limited-time event called Minions’ 31 Jack.

The promotion offers exclusive products that will delight fans of the yellow creatures. Here’s a small sampling:

Boo Ya! Minions

This treat is made from banana and pineapple ice cream with yellow color and blue soda sorbet, which represents the Minions’ jumpsuits. Three original Minions are hidden in the ice cream.

Bello! Christmas Minions

The whole face of a Minion turned into a popping shower and chocolate chip Christmas cake. The eyes, mouth, and Minions badge are all made of chocolate. A complimentary Minions calendar will be given to those who purchase or pre-order.

For more details, visit PR TIMES (Japanese only)