By Kelly Wetherille

Coca-Cola has released a new type of lemonade just in time for summer. Limon & Nada, produced and marketed under the Minute Maid brand, literally translates to “lemon and nothing.” It boasts 13 percent lemon juice, purified water, little sugar, and no preservatives, giving it a juicy, tart flavor that offers the perfect amount of refreshment for a hot day.

The release of the product rides on the wave of the recent ‘Spain boom’ in Japan and also marks a tie-up with the Woody Allen film Vicky Cristina Barcelona, due out here on June 27. In recent years the number of Japanese travelers to Spain has been increasing, as have Spanish restaurants and bars across the country. This newfound fascination with Spanish culture by the Japanese could be linked to the recent popularity of ‘slow’ and stress-free lifestyles, epitomized by the Spanish expression “Lo que será, será” (whatever will be, will be). Minute Maid Limon & Nada, with its pure, homemade taste, offers harried Japanese consumers a way to step back from their every day pressures and enjoy some of life’s simple pleasures.

350ml slim PET bottle: ¥158
280g can: ¥120
Available at convenience stores nationwide.

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