Looking for a gift that stands out from the rest? Luxury brand Clase Azul Mexico offers tequilas and mezcals which might just be the answer. Founded in 1997 by Arturo Lomeli in his hometown of Guadalajara, Mexico, the company is known for its rich and smooth alcoholic beverages inside iconic, artisanal decanters. Showcasing the skills of Mexican craftspeople, the brand’s striking and intricately designed bottles help to promote upcycling as they can be used as house ornaments.  

Boasting a variety of flavors varying in price, Clase Azul also releases limited edition bottles for celebratory purposes. The latest, Día de Muertos Colores, came out on October 28 in time for Day of the Dead (Día De Los Muertos), a Mexican holiday during which families welcome back the souls of deceased relatives. Only 6,500 of the decanters went on sale, each one exquisitely crafted with vibrant colors and skull designs paying homage to the iconic Mexican festival. An anejo tequila matured for 28 months, it has a complex flavor with notes of sugarcane juice and candied orange peel. 

Following up from that is Clase Azul Mezcal Guerrero, which is making its Asian debut in December. A truly unique piece, it’s crafted from 100 percent agave papalote, a plant grown in the mountain ranges of the wondrous state of Guerrero in Mexico. Boasting stunning beaches and an abundance of greenery, the coastal climate and the freshness of the forests comes through in the drink’s flavor profile. Crystal clear with light straw-colored highlights, this full-bodied mezcal pairs well with semi-fatty fish, shellfish, tapas and white chocolate.