Marking its 15th year, the ultimate meet-up of both famed and uprising chocolatiers, Salon de Chocolat, takes place at Tokyo International Forum from February 2 to 5.

With over 100 brands from 17 countries, visitors are sure to lose themselves in chocolatey wonder as they make the rounds from one booth to the next in the 5000-square-meter hall.

The event, as always, centers around Tokyo’s undying love of chocolate and an exchange of the latest trends and delightful treats. This year the gathering puts a spotlight on the professionals chocolate fans are thankful for with an offering of boxes designed with the portraits of celebrated chocolatiers. Take a look at the three anniversary boxes designed for and offered exclusively at the event — the uniqueness and charm is sure to make chocolate lovers swoon.


Les Gens du Chocolat (15 pieces / 9,180 yen)

Literally bringing together the faces of globally-acclaimed chocolatiers, this box is the ultimate way to have a taste of the world’s most talented. With each chocolate the signature piece of the portrayed chocolatier, this box of heavenly chocolates truly represents the world’s biggest chocolate festival.


Gateaux & Desserts des regions (10 pieces)

In this set, 10 chocolatiers have recreated locally-admired cakes and desserts as tasty chocolates. Bringing together unique tastes from various regions around the globe, the box celebrates the mingling of world chocolate and reintroduces hearty regional specialties.


Fleur (10 pieces / 6,480 yen)

Open this box and experience amazement at the floral scents and warm colors. The feeling of receiving a gift of flowers is always exceptional, and this box of chocolates, co-created by 10 chocolatiers, brings us instantly back to that heartwarming feeling while pleasing our taste buds at the same time.

The festival not only invites guests to explore the latest chocolate trends, but also commemorates the creators of the world’s most adored treat. Running from 10am to 8pm, the festival is held for an entire four days. Why not pick a day to indulge in the sweetness of your favorite treat while getting to know the masters behind all that goodness?

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