Don’t let the name fool you – Cedar The Chop House & Bar does not only serve steak and chops. Rather than being a nod to the traditional 17th century London chophouses, this restaurant, which opened on March 30 inside the new Remm Roppongi hotel, takes the original concept and gives it a Tokyo twist.

The Food

“The idea is that every dish on the menu is literally chopped,” explains manager Hisayoshi Shiraki as he shows us the varied menu. There are Chopped Appetizers such as salmon with caper spices; Chopped Salads including tuna and avocado with pepper dressing; Chopped Seafoods; Chopped Meats … You get the idea. Of course, this doesn’t mean all ingredients are sliced and diced into tiny pieces.

We ordered the Angus T-bone, and it was served as a hefty 700g steak, juicy and sizzling with a side of roast potatoes and (chopped) salsa. We also tried the Lobster with Spicy Roasted American Sauce, which was served as two open red-orange shells holding the succulent meat, drizzled with tomato-flavored sauce, and topped with two grilled asparagus tips.

To try a bit of everything, go for either the Tasting Course (¥5,800) or the Monthly Course (¥8,000), both of which include appetizer, salad, seafood or meat, and dessert. The restaurant is open to everyone, but since it caters to guests staying at Remm Roppongi hotel, you have the added bonus of being able to enjoy a buffet breakfast here.

cedar the chophouse

And if you’re popping by for dinner or after-work drinks, be sure to explore their special selection of Japanese whiskies, including Fuji Sanroku, and Hibiki Japanese Harmony, which is said to “encapsulate the harmony that exists between nature and people in Japan.”

The Vibe

Sultry, playful jazz welcomed us when we visited, adding to the sophisticated yet casual atmosphere that’s created by the combination of warm woods, soft lighting, and buzzing open kitchen. Tall slabs of cedar line the walls near the entrance, and in between these are elegant but not-too-serious illustrations of bourgeois types enjoying cocktails.

cedar the chophouse

The mood is upbeat and conversational, with the slick bar area begging for Friday-night mingling – although, should you prefer to nurse your Scotch in peace, you’d easily be able to find a quiet corner. For those who’d like even more privacy, there’s a table for eight at the end of the restaurant that’s hidden behind frosted glass and available for rent for small private parties.

Whether you’re a guest staying at Remm hotel or you’re a Tokyoite looking for a vibey new spot for wining and dining, Cedar The Chop House & Bar is the perfect blend of cool and cozy.

Cedar The Chop House & Bar: 2F Remm Roppongi Bldg, 7-14-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku, 03-6432-9791,

Private dining room

Private dining room

cedar the chop house

Cedar the chop house

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