by Danielle Tate-Stratton

Many of us feel increasingly rushed for time while trying to live our busy Tokyo lives, and cooking, especially in the tiny kitchens so typical of a Japanese apartment, can be a challenge. If cooking and caring for your family, working, and fitting in some fun is a challenge for you, then you might want to consider the idea of a personal chef.

No longer solely the domain of the super-rich or celebrity family, personal chefs now work for a large cross-section of the population and plenty of compa­nies here in Tokyo offer healthy, affordable options for home-delivered meals.

While many catering companies have fairly large minimum orders and are geared more towards cater­ing business or private functions, Kiwi Kitchen ( is a great place to try when you’re too tired to cook, but can’t stomach another piece of pizza or combini bento. They offer a wide range of home cooked meals delivered to your house and ready to pop into the oven. Side dishes and sauces accompany the meals in separate containers, and you can even order off the special kids menu that will appeal to younger taste buds. The dinner selection includes items such as lamb curry and Balinese marinated chicken. Each dinner item costs ¥900 (delivery may be extra).

If you’d like to have your lunch delivered to your office, The Earl ( offers “thoughtful fast food”, and allows you to place an or­der on their website, which will then be delivered to your office (assuming sufficient demand in the area). Once you create an account, you simply sign into the website, chose your sandwiches, treats, or sets, and then wait for the delivery to your reception area. Menu options are fresh and flavorful and include in­gredients from around the world.

If you’re planning a party at home, there are plen­ty of options for having a party of (generally) ten or over catered. One of our favorites is To the Moon and Back (, a division of that expat favorite, Fujimamas. Offering a fusion of North American, European, and Asian cui­sine, To the Moon and Back can cater events and offers a vast array of culinary options, ranging from a casual breakfast to a Scandinavian themed buffet. They also offer a special kids party menu sure to please party go­ing tots.

No matter the occasion, there is sure to be a ca­tering company that will meet your family’s needs!