January can get pretty chilly, so when traveling to the Tokyo Weekender office in the morning, the fastest and easiest way for me to warm up on the go is to grab a can of coffee from one of the thousands of vending machines or convenience stores in the city.

While during the summer months Japanese vending machines serve ice cold drinks, this time of year they dispense both hot and cold drinks—utter genius.

According to Wikipedia, “The official government web site of Shimane Prefecture, Japan, claims that the world’s first canned coffee—Mira Coffee—appeared in Shimane in 1965…”

Here are some of the most popular brands on the market:

Hot cans of ‘milk tea’ and cocoa are also available, as are hot lemon drinks, but for me the king of canned coffee has to be the classic ‘BLACK’ by UCC. Grab one today for the bargain price of ¥120.