Burger King’s “B”i King campaign offers up a 5th anniversary feast…

Five years after returning to Japan, Burger King is offering you the chance to go along for the last time ever (at least that’s what we reckon you’ll tell yourself after a half hour burger binge…)

That’s right, as well as clever puns (geddit? Bi King – a play on the Japanese rendering of the name of those Scandinavian warriors who most probably had a smorgasbord for lunch every day, meaning, we heard, the Japanese have created the word ‘baikin‘ to mean what we call a buffet…) these guys want to give something back. Phew.

Your stomachs may not appreciate it, but really, despite our reluctance to endulge this close to Christmas, we may just give it a go. And it’d only be fair to introduce some sort of competitive angle, surely?

Basically, here’s the deal: buy a Kuro Burger (which has a black bun, no less) between November 17 and 21, or a Whopper between Nov. 22 and 30 after 2pm and before 11pm and for the next thirty minutes, between hurried scoffing at the table, if you make it that far, you can head back to the counter and collect as many more burgers or servings of fries, onion rings and cola as you like.

Have a look at the terms of the deal (in Japanese) and head along to your nearest store. Can you beat the burger, or indeed your friends?