The waft of freshly baked bread lingers in the air, blanketing the restaurant with its hearty warmth. We’re at the aptly named Le Pain Quotidien, which means “daily bread” in French, for the launch of this international organic bakery brand’s new flagship store at Tokyo Midtown. Opened on June 1, it features a full-fledged dinner menu, as well as original cocktails and bio-dynamic wines – the first of its 250 stores worldwide to offer all of the above.

Best known for its tartines, breakfast and brunch sets that highlight the quality of its bread, Le Pain Quotidien Tokyo Midtown offers a choice of six main dishes on its newly launched dinner menu: Australian garlic lamb chop with herb sauce, grilled Aurora salmon and prawn, Okinawan miso-grilled pork, spicy grilled Iwate chicken, and U.S. prime beef rib or tenderloin steak – tenderly cooked to a deep pink, its pronounced meatiness so sweet that no salt and pepper is necessary.

Beef steak

Shrimp & Avocado Tartine

Original cocktails include ginger-infused mojitos, and beetroot: life-giving on a summer day, the former is bright and refreshing, while the latter offers a bittersweet buzz. There’s also a range of organic reds and whites should wine be your poison of choice.

Click here for Le Pain Quotidien Tokyo Midtown’s map and contact details.

Original cocktails at Le Pain Quotidien Tokyo Midtown