You’ve heard of wine bars and cocktail bars: now Hachidaime Gihey Co., Ltd, a Kyoto-based rice company, has teamed up with Delta Airlines to open a limited-time rice bar in Narita International Airport Terminal 1’s Delta Sky Club.

Hachidaime Gihey, which hopes to increase the appreciation of Japanese rice around the world, is offering up two rice-tasting experiences: an “onigiri bar,” where you can try out custom, handmade rice balls, and a “rice porridge bar,” where you can try rice porridge with your choice of toppings.

With generations of knowledge and experience, Hachidaime Gihey brings out the best in their rice, which has a sweet flavor and a sticky texture perfect for rice balls. You can choose a range of toppings, from vegetarian options to meats.

In addition, the brown rice used at the porridge bar is rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, and is known as an excellent detoxifier. It’s also ideal for vegetarians and for those on gluten-free diets.

Drop by the Delta Sky Club from 8am to 8pm (onigiri bar: 11am to 4pm) and get a whole new perspective on Japan’s original soul food. Please note the lounge is open to members only.

For more details, visit PR TIMES (Japanese only)