One of the most popular tourist regions in all of Tokyo, Asakusa is a bustling area known for famous sights such as the city’s oldest temple Sensoji, the great paper lantern of Kaminarimon, and the lively Hoppy Street where you can enjoy some inexpensive food and drinks in old fashioned bars with the option of sitting outside.

Despite being an entertaining place to visit, it can sometimes get a bit congested and subsequently a bit much for some. It’s nice to be able to escape the crowds to a quieter part of the area to find some hidden gems. One such place is Asakusa Micro, a trendy bar that doubles up as a shop selling Japanese crafts.

Music Events & Drinks

Opened in December of last year, it’s a small, friendly establishment with a variety of antique goods on sale as well as several thin Japanese hand towels known as tenugui. There’s also a DJ booth in the corner and several retro records scattered around the shop with music events being arranged there roughly twice a month.

The bar itself is standing room only with enough space for around 10-15 people. There’s a wide selection of beverages including beer, rum, gin, Japanese sake, shochu, fruit wine, and several non-alcoholic drinks. The local craft and matcha beer, in particular, come highly recommended. Though fairly small, the food options are also delightful, especially the truffle potato salad, cured mackerel with avocado, and the wild boar roast ham.

Short Walk from Sensoji

It’s a shop with a welcoming vibe, some nice dishes, and drinks that are reasonably priced. The crafts on display are also inexpensive. A short walk from the station and Sensoji, this is a place we will definitely be going back for a second visit.