In a double treat for the nation’s boozers, Asahi Breweries, Ltd. has announced the upcoming release of its new “Asahi Super Dry Smart Can” along with a concept store in the capital’s upscale Ginza district. 

Slightly More Alcohol

In an attempt to appeal to younger consumers, the new smart can, to be released on February 27, mimics the shape of popular energy drinks. It also, in a boon for the old-school proper boozer, holds slightly more than a regular can of Asahi Super Dry, with 355ml as opposed to the normal 350ml. Happy days indeed. 

The smart can will utilize a stylish design and container to attract a younger crowd. Whether old or young, I’m positive that the new can and its little bit more of alcohol will be a huge hit, although note that the new smart can will only be available in limited quantities. So, better to be fast. I fully expect there to be legions of my fellow drinkers outside the myriad of convenience stores in Tokyo crushing these like there is no tomorrow. 

Immerse Yourself in the World of Super Dry

The theme of the concept store, which opens in late April and runs to September 30, is “Immerse yourself in the world of Super Dry.” Count me in. The firm chose Ginza as a location for the store due to its “highly informed customers” (read ‘rich’) and the number of foreign tourists. A wise choice indeed. In addition to a huge amount of beer, the concept store will also host the “Super Dry Go Ride,” which is an attraction where lucky visitors can ride on a beer can and experience the speed and power of the manufacturing process through the five senses. Blimey. It sounds like an absolute hoot. 

An article from the BBC in 2022 explains a little more about why alcohol firms in Japan are targeting a younger demographic. “Japan’s alcohol market is shrinking and the country’s older demographic — alongside declining birth rates — is a significant factor behind it. 

“Recent figures from the tax agency show that people were drinking less in 2020 than in 1995, with numbers plummeting from an annual average of 100 litres (22 gallons) to 75 litres (16 gallons) per adult. Tax revenue from taxes on alcohol has also shrunk over the years.” 

So, the message is loud and clear. If you live in or are visiting Tokyo and are of legal age to drink, then get yourself and your buddies down to Ginza to fill your boots with delicious frothy, alcoholic goodness. 

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