by Melissa Kent

Super Deluxe, located five minutes towards Nishi-Azabu on Roppongi Dori, dubs itself as a space of inspiration and creativity — not just a nightspot. Open seven days a week, Super Deluxe’s changing line-up of events each month certainly ensures that even regulars can discover a new crowd and ambience to enjoy alongside their drinks every time they visit. As the bar’s website playfully suggests, “check the schedule to avoid a shock, or just roll on up for a surprise”.

Super Deluxe’s interior design is part of what makes this nightspot so unique and inviting. Visitors walk down a short flight of stairs and into a surprisingly vast, warehouse style space, complete with concrete floors and beams on the ceiling. Low-lighting and ample space amongst the simple black benches and soft, foam ball shaped cushions encourage guests to sit back over drinks or mingle with drinks.

The bar’s minimalist design style perfectly spotlights the event of the night and is what makes Super Deluxe the perfect spot to showcase such a wide variety of talent. In July alone, Super Deluxe is hosting several DJs, a night of intimate acoustic music, dance and guitar improvisation, two movie screenings, plus its usual Open Lounge nights which run from 18:00-26:00. Cover charge for events ranges from ¥2,000-¥4,000 (often including a complementary drink) while Open Lounge nights are free.

Not to be outdone by the night’s attraction, Super Deluxe’s bar offers an array of cocktails, beer and non-alcoholic beverages, including a thoughtful selection of juices. Gin and vodka based drinks or shochu mixes cost between ¥700-¥800. The bar menu features Tokyo Ale brewed by the Tokyo Brewing Company, plus several guest beers starting at ¥700.

Until 22:00 each night, Super Deluxe’s kitchen serves up an eclectic and tasty variety of snacks and meals, most with a vegetarian twist. This may be the only bar menu in Tokyo that lists Cauliflower Beer Fritters (¥500) and Vegetarian Chili Rice (¥900) alongside popular bar favorites like Guacamole and Salsa (¥500) and Chicken and Avocado Sandwiches (¥900). Ask the friendly bar staff about the chef’s special, but be warned, the special generally sells out fast thanks to in-house word of mouth.

Super Deluxe offers a unique alternative to Roppongi’s nightlife scene. The bar’s creative food and drinks menu, coupled with an ever-changing line-up of gallery/performance/music events will inspire first-time visitors to become fast regulars and bump Super Deluxe to the top of their nightlife radar.

Super Deluxe
B1F 3-1-25 Nishi Azabu, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 106-0031
Tel. 03-5412-0515 Fax: 03-5412-0516
Open seven days a week from 19:00 
Visit for a monthly event line-up and map.