Even as the city slowly comes back to life following the end of Tokyo’s state of emergency enacted to help prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections – social distancing is still very much the protocol, especially at establishments where human interaction is difficult to avoid. Tokyo’s restaurants have collectively found new ways to service hungry customers post-Covid-19. For those who want to enjoy Tokyo’s world-famous cuisine without the threat of contagions, these high-end establishments in the city are offering inspired takeout menus. 

Andaz Tokyo BeBu Tabern Tokyo Weekender Food Takeout Covid Coronavirus

1. Andaz Tokyo – The Tavern and BeBu

As of June 8, the five-star hotel in Toranomon Hills is offering takeout options for their restaurants The Tavern – Grill & Lounge and BeBu, making it possible to eat gourmet on the couch or office desk. Tavern takeout specials include their signature snow-aged beef sirloins and katsu sandwiches with Australian beef tenderloin. From BeBu’s menu comes their grilled beef burgers and poke bowls. Delivery is available for offices in Toranomon Hills Mori Tower. You can pick up your order at The Tavern – Grill & Lounge on the 51st floor of Andaz Tokyo. Alternatively, a drive-through service is available at the first floor bell desk.

Available every 30 minutes between 11:30–15:00 and 18:00–20:00. Please call in to order at least 60 minutes before pickup.

Drawing House Hibiya Takeout Tokyo Midtown Weekender Food

2. Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

To practice social distancing, you need not sacrifice splendor. Tokyo Midtown Hibiya has recruited seven of its best restaurants to create a takeout menu that showcases their chefs’ culinary skill and the quality of the ingredients. The result: summer shabu shabu with delicate hamo (conger eel), Kyoto unagi sushi and roast beef bento, curry udon, waffle breakfast sandwiches, soba and more. 

Business hours and pick-up locations vary by restaurant. Select restaurants deliver through Uber Eats. 

Roppongi Hills Ohashi Takeout Food Coronavirus Covid Tokyo Weekender

3. Roppongi Hills

Ever the celebrated lunch spot, Roppongi Hills has curated a selection of nearly 100 meals from their most popular restaurants available for takeout. From sushi and bento (Yoshizawa) to truffle omelet (Réglisse) to paella (BIKiNi SIS) and pizza (Obicà Mozzarella Bar), you can pick from several cuisines, healthy and hearty, casual and gourmet. While restaurants like Obicà and Barbacoa can deliver to your home, other foods must be picked up on site. Most restaurants recommend you make a reservation in advance for a smooth pick-up, and call in to request delivery.

Business hours and delivery details vary by restaurant. 

Grant Eat Takeout Food Coronavirus Covid Tokyo Weekender Ginza

4. Gran Eat

This buffet-style dining space prides itself most on its ingredients, particularly the fresh vegetables and meat – so much so that they use an abundant amount of Good Agricultural Practice (GAP)-certified ingredients. To adapt to our post-quarantine lifestyles, Gran Eat Ginza has equipped the restaurant with some 300 tongs (so that each diner has their own) and disinfects surfaces every 15 minutes, all while continuing to offer fresh and nutritious seafood, grilled vegetables, tossed pastas, salads and fine wines. Customers are also asked to wear a mask.

For those who would rather tuck in at home or in the office, Gran Eat offers buffet boxes and flat-rate subscriptions for takeout, which you can order through Uber Eats. 

Buffet Box ¥980 | One-month subscription ¥4,980 (limited)

Business Lunch Set Marriott Hotel Tokyo Weekender Takeout Covid Coronavirus Food

5. Tokyo Marriott Hotel – Lounge & Dining G

You can enjoy four-star flavors as you practice stay-home suggestions or take a break from work. The Marriott Hotel in Shinagawa will offer varying takeout lunches all summer, until August 31. You can treat yourself to the Business Lunch or the Pasta Lunch from Lounge & Dining G, box-style meals using seasonal seafood and vegetables. From June 29 to July 3, the Business Lunch will be duck and burdock hamburger steak with a citrus sauce, while your other option is a vongole pasta with hard-shell clams, young corn and Japanese asparagus. The new Vitamin All Stars Smoothie, served from 10:00 to 16:00, is summery and packed with vitamins and fiber, containing cabbage, celery, apple and Calpis. Each meal comes with a salad and coffee. If you’re seeking a respite from the office, you can eat on the restaurant’s terrace. 

Available 11:00–14:00 on weekdays. All boxes are ¥1,000, including tax. Stay updated on future takeout lunch items via the Marriott website.

Pick up on the first floor of the Marriott.

Ginza Six Chirashizushi Takeout Tokyo Weekender Food Covid Coronavirus


The restaurants on the sixth and 13th floors of Ginza’s largest shopping facility have resumed operations, but they also affirm that certain delicacies can be enjoyed at home. Takeout meals include Kumamoto shabu shabu bento (using a non-fatty, healthy red meat cooked three ways), Tsukiji Suzutomi chirashizushi, eel and shrimp tempura, an oyster platter with wine and, for sweets, one of the signature confections of the famous French restaurant Maxim’s: strawberry millefeuille, with berries and custard cream sandwiched between a crispy pie. 

Business hours and pick-up locations vary by restaurant.

Palace Hotel Tokyo Bakery Box Bread Takeout Coronavirus Covid Tokyo Weekender Food

7. Palace Hotel Tokyo Bakery Box

Grand suites and international acclaim considered, one of the most alluring features of the five-star Marunouchi hotel is its eat-in bakery. Now, you can have freshly baked bread delivered to your home (anywhere in the country) via the hotel’s online shop. Various breads are available in sets of two, seven and 10, from whole loaves to baguettes, croissants, rolls, cornbread, ciabatta and danishes. Whether you want a fresh buttered bread to pair with your home cooking, or are looking to indulge in a pain au chocolat or fruit pastry, you can get a range of delicacies sent to your door. The Bakery Boxes come frozen, and can be thawed and enjoyed, baked in the oven and even paired with extra butter and olive oil. 

Bakery Box A (10-piece set) ¥6,000 | Bakery Box B (7-piece set) ¥4,000 | Bakery Box C (2-piece set) ¥3,600

Hotel Chinzanso Takeout Covid Food Coronavirus Tokyo Weekender

8. Hotel Chinzan-so Tokyo

Wanting of a vacation but stuck in the house? Not only can you pick up sweets and other food items from the hotel shop, but you can also pick from a range of meals, from Japanese to Western food, from afternoon tea to burgers, to have a bit of holiday at your dining table or in the office. Truffle burgers, club sandwiches and beef curry are available for lunch; in the instance of a home party, Chinzan-so offers meat platters, including cotoletta alla Milanese, a type of veal rib, with veggies. Chirashizushi and roast beef maki boxes are perfect for a picnic, whereas those organizing an afternoon tea might consider the New York cheesecake or the box containing assorted scones and original sweets. 

Pick-up 11:30 – 18:00 on the third floor of Hotel Chinzan-so Tokyo. 

Call 03-3943-5489 between 10:00 – 18:00 to place an order, which must be done in advance. There are various ways to arrange your order and pick-up: (1) to pick up before 12:30, place the order by 18:00 the previous day; (2) to pick up after 13:00, order at least three hours prior to pick-up. Some items require two days’ notice.

9. Toranomon Hills Business Tower

June saw the grand opening of Toranomon Hills’ dining space, Toranomon Yokucho. Not only are social distancing measures implemented for eat-in customers, but takeout is also readily available throughout the building, such that your mobile lunching options are many: Spanish bento, burgers, curry, tacos, pastries and even Starbucks. Although the shopping and dining space is impressive on its own, the meals within – some greasy-spoon, some gourmet, all delicious – are a delight anywhere. 

Toranomon Yokucho is open from 11:00–22:00, though business hours vary by restaurant. Select restaurants offer both takeout and delivery services. 

Trunk Hotel Kitchen Beef Burger Takeout Tokyo Weekender Dining Covid Coronavirus


The boutique hotel group and arbiter of Tokyo fashion has recently reopened its facilities, including the all-day restaurant TRUNK(KITCHEN). The new takeout menu has three items: a cheese hamburger steak with rich demi glace, fried egg and rice; spicy summer vegetable green curry hamburger steak with rice; and umami blue cheese burger with crispy french fries.

Order online for pick-up from 11:00 to 15:00, or from 18:00 to 21:00. Reservations can be made at least 30 minutes before pick-up. Staff will hand you for food at the entrance of TRUNK(KITCHEN).